• June 25, 2020

We’ve Simplified Our Precision Parts Branding and Website

JR CNC turning centers

At JR Machine, we are all about simplifying the process around the procurement of precision parts. To show you how serious we are about this, we’ve simplified our brand from company name to logo and tagline. We also launched a new website and will be rolling out new collateral soon.

JR Machine Embraces Simplicity

One of the most important and insightful elements of the new branding is our tagline, “Complex parts, simplified.” It’s an expression that articulates everything we aim to do for our customers every day. While many machine shops consider themselves manufacturers, we think of ourselves as a manufacturing service provider. That means being highly responsive to our customer needs, being proactive in soving their problems, and never taking their business for granted.

Another significant aspect of the new branding is our company name and logo. Without straying too far from our original identity, we modified our name to JR Machine by removing the ampersand. We also refreshed the logo with a more modern and sleek design — all to reinforce our commitment to making the complex simple.

While our processes and the machined parts we produce are sophisticated, we strive to make life easier for our customers. It’s that simple. Whether that means responding to calls and emails quickly, finding ways to smooth out wrinkles in their supply chain, or making sure to always meet their tolerance and delivery demands, we want it to be a seamless and enjoyable experience to work with us.

Simplified Access to Resources

An important aspect of our new branding is our new website. We simplified the site to focus on our three core aspects: the machined parts we produce, the services we provide, and how we deliver more value to OEMS and first-tier suppliers by simplifying their supply chain. We’ll be adding content regularly to our new Resource Center, explaining various aspects of machining parts and sharing our thoughts on how to do it right.

JR Machine Simplifies the Production of Precision Parts for OEMs

Of course, a complete brand experience includes much more than just what you say. It means delivering on your promises. If you’ve worked with us for the production of you complex precision parts, we hope you agree we’ve accurately captured the experience of partnering with us. If you haven’t worked with us, we hope you’ll put us to the test, and simplify your supply chain in the process.


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