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Leading technology

At JR Machine, we leverage the latest in automation and lean manufacturing principles to consistently provide our customers with accurate and reliable machined parts of the highest quality — with short lead times and on-time delivery. Our skillful machinists and machining cell layout allow us to provide real value as we streamline the process of producing complex parts. See what JR Machine is running.

JR CNC turning centers

CNC turning centers

(2) DMG MORI, NZX2000

Dual, fully-capable spindles; gantry loader; three separate turret stations with live tooling; a Y-axis; a coolant chiller; high-pressure coolant; 12.6 maximum turn diameter, 31.9 maximum turn length


Sub-spindle lathes with axial and radial live tooling; chip blaster high-pressure coolant; part catch/conveyor; 14.00 maximum turn diameter; 49.00 maximum turn length to 27.7; lns “quick six” 6′ bar feeders

(12) DMG MORI, NLX2500Y

Axial and radial live tooling; tailstock; chip blaster high-pressure coolant; 14.0 maximum turn diameter; 27.7 maximum turn length


Axial and radial live tooling; tailstock; chip blaster high-pressure coolant; 14.00 maximum turn dia; 49.00 maximum turn length.


W/LNS 4' bar feeder.

JR Mori Seiki NH4000

CNC machining centers

(1) Mori Seiki, NH4000

Horizontal 60-tool capacity; chip blaster high-pressure coolant; 20.0y, 20.0x 20.0z travel

(1) Mori Seiki, NHX4000

Horizontal 120 tool capacity; chip blaster high-pressure coolant; 20.0y, 20.0x, 20.0z travel

(1) Mori Seiki, Dura Vertical 5100

High-pressure coolant; 41.3x, 20.9y, 20.1z

(1) Brother, TC-R2A

Drilling and tapping center with automatic pallet changer

IMG 7940

Quality assurance

(1) Gage maker Mic Trac MT-3000 Measuring Center

Hundreds of certified thread plug and ring gages and bore gages to 6”

1) Dorsey Paragon 24P

Optical comparator

(2) 2021 Zeiss Contura 9/12/8 CMM

Articulating VAST RDS-XXT Scanning Probe Head

(2) Mitutoyo SJ-410 Surftest Profilometer

Skidless Measuring with capability to switch out probes for different applications. Touchscreen control

JR Machine Robotic Welder

Support equipment

(1) Panasonic/Miller Perform Arc Robotic Welder

Pallet changer maximum reach 1374 mm, (54.09 in)

(1) Amada PCSAW-330 CNC Production Band Saw

13’’ diameter capacity

(1) TSUNE TK130GL CNC Production Cold Saw

5.1’’ diameter capacity

(1) MSI C3A 250W Chamfering and Centering Machine

1/2 – 3” capacity

(2) MillerMatic 252 Welding Stations

(4) Dapra Technomark 420 Marking Machines

(2) Cuda Aqueous Automatic Parts Washer

500 pound capacity

(1) Burr King 200SX Vibratory De-burring Machine

(1) RoboCrib 1000 Automated tooling Inventory System

(2) Dapra Laser Engraving Machine with Radial Axis

(1) ESMA Automated Ultrasonic Cleaning and Passivation System

JR Software 2400x1920


Inspection Xpert

Quality assurance control plans

DMG/MORI Messenger

CNC machine efficiencies and performance monitoring


Three-dimensional design and review


CNC machine tool programming

E2 by Shoptech

Shop floor workflow management