Real Value for Supply Chains

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Exceptional support

Through our focus on automation and accuracy, JR Machine is committed to providing real value. With short lead times, responsive customer service, and a range of other service-oriented offerings you won’t find at other machine shops, you can count on us to be there to support you from the initial inquiry to delivery.

Service sets us apart


Lead times & delivery

JR Machine’s data-driven manufacturing practices ensure fast, efficient part production, short lead times, and on-time delivery. Our custom-designed packaging and reusable shipping crates ensure your parts arrive safely, while containing costs.

Responsive customer service

Responsive customer service

Our people are extremely responsive and proactive with customer communications, so you can count on us to provide real-time updates and exceptional service.

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Core services

JR Machine offers a range of core services, including turning, welding, milling, assembly, coating, part washing, sawing, and heat treating.

Supply chain

Supply chain

We align ourselves with suppliers who share our principles. As an extension of JR Machine, we hold them to an equal standard of quality and value.

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We partner with customers on every aspect of their project, aiming to ensure the entire experience is positive from beginning to end.

Inventory management

Inventory management

Utilizing Lean and Kanban, we keep the right inventory on hand at the right time to ensure on-time delivery. And we watch our customers’ precision parts inventory and send a notification when they're running low.