Precision Machined Parts

JR 5751 2400x1600

Core capabilities

At JR Machine, we specialize in simplifying the manufacturing of precision machined parts, from 1-10” in diameter and up to 28” long. Guided by lean manufacturing principles, a commitment to automation, and decades of experience, we are the go-to partner of choice for leading OEMs. We have the skill, the expertise, and the resources to produce mission-critical parts accurately and on time — every time.

Rely on us for strategic solutions, advanced machining knowledge, real-time communications, and exceptional customer service. And with fully computerized lights-out capabilities, 24/7 emergency response, and Kanban material release, we can handle just about any manufacturing request with a rapid turnaround.

Industries served

Heavy equipment

Heavy machinery & equipment

We have years of expertise producing precision parts for a range of heavy-duty vehicles, including military, mining, snow removal, construction, and refuse collection trucks.


Defense & aerospace

With a pre-production approval process, material traceability capabilities, and expedited lead times, we are prepared to meet the exacting demands of military, defense, and aerospace parts production.

Hydraulic piston


From pistons to packing glands, we pride ourselves in being a leading producer of precision parts for hydraulics equipment.


Fire suppression

OEMs count on us to produce complex parts for fire suppression systems, overhead building fire extinguishing systems, and wheeled unit dry chemical extinguishers.

Auto Racing 1

Vehicle racing

Manufacturers use our complex precision parts in high-end suspension systems for race cars, ensuring superior shock absorption.



We have decades of experience in the oil and gas energy industry, building systems and components for exploration, production, delivery, testing, and monitoring.

JR CNC turning centers

Quality assurance

PPAP: For every part we produce, we follow a rigorous industry-standard Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), designed to ensure safety risks are eliminated and exacting product specifications are met.

ISO9001: Certified since 2002, we follow the international standard for quality management to ensure we meet every client requirement.