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Unveiling Our New Engineering Center and Tooling Storage Room

JR Machine has unveiled its new Engineering Center and Tooling Storage Room, two spaces built with speed and efficiency in mind for complex parts.

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From Prototype to Production: We Match Your Need for Speed

We’ve become experts at prototyping parts because we know what our customers are up against. It’s truly a space race, and we’re in it together. Here’s how we get parts…


Six Questions to Find the Right Contract Manufacturer for Complex Parts

Finding the right contract manufacturer for precision complex parts is critical. Here are six questions beyond the RFQ to help you find the right partner.

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Mastering the Monel Supply Chain

Learn how JR Machine has mastered the Monel supply chain, and how its expertise in machining Monel and other superalloys.

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Superalloys That Help Solve Corrosion Challenges in Space Exploration

Corrosion-resistant parts from JR Machine are used for rocket engines, heat exchangers, and combustion engines.

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The Inside Scoop on Making Inconel Parts

Inconel is resistant to heat and corrosion, making it popular for space exploration parts. But machining Inconel is difficult. Here’s what companies should know.

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SpaceCom Focuses on Living On-Planet and Off-Planet

We’re experts at machining precision parts from nickel-based alloys that can withstand high temperatures and corrosion. As a result, JR Machine has become an essential part of the space…


Why JR Machine’s Complex Parts Stand Apart: Our Talented Technicians

JR Machine’s ability to attract and retain talented technicians is crucial to providing accurate, complex parts. Here is how we make our machinists stand above.

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Complex Machining in a Green World

Green energy technology manufacturers turn to JR Machine to streamline complex part production from materials like Inconel, Monel, Toughmet and more.

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Celebrating 30 Years of Reinventing Contract Manufacturing

A lot happened in 1992…the Chicago Bulls won their second NBA championship, Johnny Carson ended his 30-year run as host of the Tonight Show, CDs replaced cassette tapes as the…

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Accelerating Machining and Delivery of Precision Aerospace Parts

Aerospace and space exploration companies are obsessed with speed, and for good reason. A rocket needs to accelerate from zero to nearly 18,000 mph to reach orbit. This focus…

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Showcasing Our Expertise with Nickel-Based Superalloys at Space Tech Expo 2022

In a few short weeks we will be heading to Long Beach, CA to exhibit at Space Tech Expo 2022. For years we’ve been investing in equipment, expertise, and processes…

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