• May 22, 2024

JR Machine Impacts Space Flight and Our Future

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Thirty years ago, JR Machine started as a machining company producing a variety of parts for a few businesses. Over the past three decades, we’ve grown into a premier supplier of complex parts with a focus on turned, or round, parts. Today, we specialize in producing parts from difficult-to-manufacture materials like Inconel, Monel and other superalloys; while still producing parts from materials like stainless steel, aluminum and Titanium.

About six years ago, JR Machine evolved to better support the aerospace industry by upgrading the ISO certification to an AS9100 certification, registering with ITAR, and further developing our machining techniques with difficult superalloys for space flight. JR Machine expanded its facilities with new DMG MORI turning centers and a state-of-the-art Quality lab. We have expanded our capacity and improved cycle times with bar feed and robotic loading systems. Our latest improvement to meet our customers’ delivery requirements was installing in-house passivation.  

From Shawano to Space: Helping to Make Space Flight a Reality

All this effort became apparent to our team during a recent launch mission shared by SpaceX. A number of our space exploration customers had satellites and other contributions to the launch. We could see the packages in the fairing prior to launch and were excited to watch our customers’ satellites move into space.

As we watched the launch, it was exciting to know and see JR Machine’s contribution to many aspects of the mission.  We produced components for the rocket that took the mission into space. During the second stage of travel around the earth, we were pleased to see the satellite leave the fairing and begin its mission in space. Several other companies that contributed to satellite propulsion and the missions on the rocket were companies that JR Machine works with and supports, as well.

We now machine many parts that make their way into space—forging a new future for our company and our planet. We continue to support many companies in their pursuit of space flight and space exploration. Today JR Machine supplies components to major space launch (rocket) companies and is working to support more. We produce a variety of engine, rocket, and satellite components for these companies.  These components include engine and hydraulic components; a variety of flanges for fuel, gas and other fluid delivery and movement; and many other round complex components within the space systems.

JR Machine exhibits each year at the Space Tech, Space Com, and many other trade shows across United States. We are focused on supporting the space industry and look forward to meeting and working with more companies pursuing the same vision.