• October 23, 2017

JR Machine Increases Productivity and Precision with $2 Million Multitasking Investment

JR 5713 768x513

Over the last 12 months, JR Machine, a contract manufacturer specializing in complex machined parts, installed eight new pieces of equipment at its Shawano, WI-based facility. The 2 Million Dollar capital investment includes DMG Mori Seiki NLX 2500s of varying configurations. The machines’ sub-spindle multitasking lathes, part-catching/part-conveying capabilities as well as the latest generation of CNC controls further support JR Machine’s productivity and lights-out operations.

“These new features give us much better machine performance and can add varying degrees of higher uptime,” explained Tim Grimm, JR Machine’s Sales Engineer. “On some projects, uptime increased by about 30 percent in comparison to older models.”

The new equipment includes:

(4) DMG MORI, NLX2500SY/Sub-Spindle Lathes w/ Axial & Radial Live Tooling , Chip Blaster High Pressure Coolant, Part Catch/Conveyor, 14.00 Max Turn Diameter, 27.7 Max Turn Length, LNS “Quick Six” 6′ Bar-feeders.

(4) DMG MORI, NLX2500Y w/ Axial & Radial Live Tooling, Tailstock, Chip Blaster High Pressure Coolant 14.00 Max Turn Diameter, 27.7 Max Turn Length.

“At JR Machine, we are committed to growing with the OEMs and tier one/two manufacturers we serve, and we will continue to embrace new technology that improves precision and quality and allows for greater efficiencies in our operations,” said Tim Tumanic, President of JR Machine.

JR 5713 1

The new equipment gives JR Machine the ability to machine a part in a single setup instead of having to manually unload and then flip the part or complete the second side in a separate operation.

Notable features of the DMG MORI NLX2500 series:

  • Reduced environmental footprint, lower energy consumption
  • Improved cutting ability
  • An integrated cooling system to ensure thermal stability and high precision
  • Flat guides in all axes for efficient turning
  • High rigidity, longer tool life
  • Improved performance and ease of operation through new MAPPS IV operating system
JR 5748