• May 3, 2021

Part Spotlight: Machining a Medical Prosthetic Knee Joint

MG 2292

One of the things that makes JR Machine unique is our ability machine an incredibly wide range of precision parts. We might be machining a part for a heavy-duty construction vehicle in one manufacturing cell, while another machinist is working on a delicate medical prosthetic knee joint just a few feet away. What they all have in common is the need for high precision, accuracy, and strength. Today, we wanted to focus on a medical prosthetic knee joint JR Machine produced using cellular manufacturing practices, and how this approach made the machining process faster and more efficient.

Manufacturing a Titanium Medical Prosthetic Knee Joint

JR Machine worked with our client to manufacture a titanium prosthetic knee joint, called a receiver, pictured above. The part is designed to attach to a custom boot that will be worn by an individual who has lost their leg at the knee joint. The receiver has a ball joint on each end and is attached to the boot by a pyramid, secured with braided carbon fiber.

It was a rewarding experience to help this company manufacture the part more efficiently. They had previously produced the receiver in house but could not maintain the necessary schedule. We stepped in and streamlined their process, producing the part quickly and accurately.

Cellular Manufacturing Makes JR Machine Faster and More Efficient

As part of our commitment to lean manufacturing, our cellular floor layout allows us to produce precision parts more efficiently for our customers. For this prosthetic knee joint, the two separate components were machined at the same time using our DMG MORI NLX 2500 multitaskers to do the turning, milling, and drilling operations. These manufacturing processes were automated and only the set screws and part markings were performed manually.

With cellular manufacturing practices, we can produce parts in half the time it would take using standard methods, which would involve machining the first part of the prosthetic knee joint, then the other. This allows us to get our product to the customers in significantly less time than a more traditional machine shop. We believe this is one of the many elements that sets us apart.

JR Machine Streamlines the Production of Precision Parts for OEMs

If you are looking to work with a machining partner with expertise in producing highly reliable precision parts, 1-18” in diameter, up to 48” long, JR Machine is the shop for you. We are ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100D / ITAR compliant, provide short lead times, and are committed to streamlining contract manufacturing for our customers. Get in touch if you are looking for more consistent and accurate precision parts.


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